It’s just Koreatown, Jake.

If you like adventures try Koreatown at night.  Somebody is beating the shit out of somebody else right next door.  The sirens haven’t stopped for the last three minutes and I am absolutely bonkers.  I’m so loaded I should be a pistol.  Or a pair of dice; which one works for you?


Pan the room to see it is sloppy, more so where the body lies.  A large TV is hanging on the wall.  It is tuned to a Classic Sports Channel but the body is that of a woman.


Is it a provocation, an avocation, a vocation or a vacation?  Why are there now helicopters patrolling my neighborhood?  Friday night and somebody got paid and he flashed it around and he got jacked is my guess.  It’s 10:16 pm if that makes a difference.  I got paid by the week, not by the hour.  My job is inspector with the police department.  It was difficult to adjust to the nights alone, after being married for 25 years.  Life throws you some real lemons and they hit you like fastballs.

So much for fun thoughts while wondering if the murder is, in fact, next door or whether it was a traffic accident on Wilshire that brought all the sirens to my neighborhood.  It’s hard to tell when you’re in the back, but so worth it if you like the privacy, which is slowly evaporating.


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