Old Stuff

I found some old journals I kept when I took writing classes in college. I would continue writing in them for a year or so after the classes ended. Some of it I’ve decided to put in this blog.

Hidden desires
Repression expires

Dream your Dreams
’till you awaken
Then you’ll find
your dreams were mistaken

Your dreams were ideas
To be displayed
There are no ideas that
Can’t be put to shame.


City of light
In the rain
I feel worthy
To walk through it
Even though I never worked a day in my life


Breaker had troubles. Aside from girl trouble and car trouble and money trouble, Breaker had another kind of trouble; he wanted to destroy all his other troubles. It was this destructiveness that gave Breaker his name.

To illustrate I will relate an incident that happened last summer. Breaker, Walker, and I decided to take Breaker’s four wheel drive pickup into the hills beside the lake. We took a case of Budweiser, two shotguns and a .38 revolver. The ideas was to get fucked up, drive around in the woody hills and shoot some cans, trees, or birds…anything that looked good to shoot.

We were about an hour and two six packs into our adventure when Breaker stopped the truck and lurched out the door. He duck-walked to a tree and released a gushing yellow stream. Walker and I decided to follow suit and staggered to different trees. We peed for seeming hours when it was maybe a minute. As we were finishing up we heard a rustling in the woods behind us. Breaker turned, I turned (still peeing) and Walker stayed as he was.


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