My new art project

Clears throat.
Where’s your evidence?
That a crime has been committed!
ugly inclination
why? that’s all I want to know.
would you feel better?
I don’t need to know.

Could that be sung?

Courage under fire
Protecting the Law.
absence of malice
I just liked being close to friends
you’re right, I don’t. Only close enough to matter.
I bet you’re right, though.
I will, with all my heart.
Oh, and I can be heartless.


You haven’t hauled me away today.
Guess I’m lucky.
How long before I die?

The X Factor as in x2*y2=z2
I have the x factor. I write, play, say what I believe.
I believe I have to believe.
I need to network. This is how it’s done. It takes time.
Now I need the X-Files box set? Buy my way out? That doesn’t work. Somewhere I am desired.
I have skills. I have rhymes. I have no rhythm but I’ve surely got the blues.
I hate broadcasting.
still to be decided.

Fear of gun violence? Of course there’s fear of violence, we are meant to fear violence, not glory in it. This isn’t the old west. There aren’t any trailblazing covered wagons or herds of cattle roaming aimlessly from Texas to Minnesota. No, we ride in Trail Blazers, we play poker, but we do it with rules, not guns. We aren’t Wyatt Earp or John Dillinger. More like Wild Bill Hickok. Playing with a dead man’s hand and a bullet in the head. Those were wild times, coked up at the Del Rey, knowing that just outside there were a hundred chicas ready to do anything. I’m not prurient. I’m literate, I’m telling a story about me. But that’s what books are, or at least that’s what literature outside the canon is. Fiction, more fact with friction.

Isn’t that what you want to learn to break? It’s my choice, just like the Good Lord intended with free will. I get to make choices. None of this will work as literature, they’re just rantings and random verbalization. A Cat’s Got Your Tongue dialogue. I can’t capture your side of the conversation, I’m sure it would look like legal briefs. Is this how Dylan started? Laughter is great medicine.
Speaking of great medicine, how awesome is it that we walk a fine line between morality and legality. Abortion offends. Moral outrage. Legal to save lives. No, you don’t get to be offended, just like I don’t get to be offended. It’s a question about civil rights, and all humans have them. ALL HUMANS HAVE RIGHTS!

Now, am I a steampunk author or not?


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