There’s no stopping the cretins from hopping.

I would like to take this opportunity to air some grievances I have with the world, that solid reality we all share, but seem to forget that others exist. I spend a lot of time on the road as an Uber driver. I try to minimize the mistakes I make on the road, but I still make some. We’re imperfect machines to drive such dangerous vehicles. However, I have seen some egregious driving in my time and it makes me cringe. It takes all of my zen to keep from raging on the road. All it takes is one lane cheater (the car that races ahead of the exit line then creeps in at the last opportunity) to the pass blocker (a car that matches your speed in a next to you in the passing lane).


I have two projects I’m working on. One is a short story that I will submit for publication (the odds of getting published are astronomical unless the editor or publisher know you).  The second is working on developing a novel to a television series. It’s science fiction, an old passion of mine.

Other than that.

Best wishes and warmest regards.



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