A flag is just a piece of cloth

I don’t remember a lot about when I lived in Seattle. I remembered more when I returned in 2000 but that was only six years after Paula and I broke up. The story I’m writing is a congress of ideas from different periods in the 1980s. Yes, they run politically. When Reagan came in he gave away the store, especially during his second term. After Reagan gave everything away in his last four years, George Herbert Walker Bush gave the rich an economy where they could invest all the loot they had. If you have to invade a Panamanian bank to prove it to the world, then watch the economy tank more as the poor get nothing out of the American Dream. Same fucking story every time; The rich get their way and we get nothing. Now, there’s less government in regulating what we eat or the medications we take, and more regulation in how we think and how we feel. Well, I feel like I’m living in a failed experiment. America used to be proud for a reason, now it’s a failure.

so, what do you think guys? Do I nail it? Do I sound like a desperate man, a desperado, or a communist? Surely somebody at the NSA, NBC or CAA is reading this. I’ll post the short story as soon as I finish it.


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