Paranoid ramblings

It all comes down to luck. Some of us are lucky at the right times, but unlucky the rest of the time. Time is the dimension we all travel together.

  1. The altered state experience isn’t madness. It’s tweaking the system as it’s working.
  2. Idiocracy. Where the stupid have more influence than they should.

It’s my constitutional right to say it. It’s my obligation as a Citizen of the United States to better my country. Well-funded public education for everyone. So, how do you make it better? By reexamining our schools. Are they segregated? Well-funded? Does everyone have an equal opportunity for that education, regardless of where they live, who they are, or why they want it? What does science say? What do holy men say? What do YOU say?

I jest.

I’m the jester in a Medieval play. They call me…The Harlequin.

I’m the nit. Holding back the gamble, the heart. No wonder I’ve been losing. No heart.

When did I become such a creature? When I drank. So it was a character flaw writ large and in public. What was it about drunk Dave that made the magic happen? How did it make you feel? Those days are gone. You’re all alone.

The craziness isn’t brilliant anymore. The proven track record is and mine is not very important. Revise resume to reflect just the last three jobs, compile everything ten years old or older by decade.

So, decades of experience and you still can’t make a living at it.

Reality is fluid. Solid objects really aren’t.

What about corn? Or corny? Or horny? Or sly….

With an elastic reality you bounce back, better than ever.

Nothing sharp witty or funny to say, I’ll leave that you. No siree, I leave it to you.

Good night.

What an odd occurrence on KCRW…I think I heard a transmission of some sort, a strange interruption, a vague fear, a weird inspection, a wired perspective. They’re just words. Words don’t work in the elastic world. Paranoia leads to fallen heroes. Who knows? Maybe I’ll get back on my feet and work again. Anybody buy me a drink? I just accept everything, like I was in “Being There”, Chance the gardener, side by side, at the tables, but also in business together. Dutch Schultz spilled his guts and it still didn’t help. Nothing makes sense when you write it down. It’s a game, a plaything, a gift, a laugh. It’s over too. Fucked it up somehow. Got greedy. That’s how it is these days. Better Call Saul.

The only fraud I’ve committed is knowing the truth. The only fraud I need is love.

text messaging went on like this for another fifteen minutes, then ended with a comment about a dragon. The doors trembled, a terrible wind has sweep into town, certainly not normal. Can YOU comment on it?


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